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Shooting Yourself In The Foot

“Let’s keep shooting ourselves in the foot” should be the slogan for the Liberal Party over the last few days.

First bring in tax reforms that hurt small business owners and farmers; then scramble to find an out that tries to make you look good, while still protecting the family trusts of the rich like Trudeau and Moreau.

Second have the same minister who screwed up the tax reforms get caught owning a villa in France that he somehow had a lapse of memory about and oops he forget to declare it to the Ethics Commissioner.

Third, stories are out that the same minister did not put all of his shares and assets into a blind trust to avoid any potential conflicts of interest. I find that very interesting as one of my PMO staff owned one share in a company (it was a birthday gift) and he was ordered to either sell it or put the one share in a blind trust.

Fourth, just weeks before Remembrance Day ceremonies announce that ridings only deserve two wreaths, in spite of the fact that some ridings have several ceremonies. I can think of at least four in my riding. Then of course back track when everything hits the fan.

I guess Liberal ministers and their staff haven’t yet learnt that one of the unwritten rules for new ministers is to double check the policy proposals a department brings to you, especially if it represents a policy change. Ask to see the entire file, including ones that go back to previous governments. I can remember doing that and finding out that the policy presented to my minister as brand new; had in fact been rejected by the previous Conservative minister as well as several Liberal ministers.

Not a good couple of weeks for the Liberals as they have certainly handed the Conservatives and NDP plenty of ammunition to chip away at Liberal credibility.

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One other misstep, Keith: CRA memo that employee discounts would be taxed only to have CRA minister say she knew nothing about this and no they wouldn't!

October 17, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterDavid Akin

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