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More of the Same From Justin

I see the Prime Minister’s end of session press conference was the exact opposite of what he promised when running for election.

Remember his promise about doing things differently? Remember openness and accountability?

A lot of BS was thrown around at that press conference from his inability to put a timeline on paying down the deficit that he has racked up, to a continuation of the lie about the Conservatives leaving him a deficit.

Somehow Justin sees the Conservative senators as obstructive and the reason various bills were delayed. Hello Justin! That was a long standing policy when the Liberals were the majority in the Senate and Conservatives had a majority government. At that time the Liberals claimed they were just doing their job and that it was the role of the Senate to review bills, make amendments etc.

It was so bad that in the Mulroney years, the Prime Minister had to appoint additional senators in 1990 to get legislation through. They became known as the GST senators. Perhaps the Prime Minister needs a history lesson.

Let us not forget his absolute failure to bring in electoral reform. The PM claims that was a difficult decision- hogwash. The only thing difficult about it was the fact that PMO couldn’t get their way and have their vision of electoral reform adopted. Sorry Justin, but you can’t win them all.

Have no fear though while the Prime Minister’s popularity has taken a hit over the last year we can expect to see plenty of new socks and selfies over the next few months and unfortunately the media will be only too happy to write about it.

Reader Comments (2)

"Perhaps the Prime Minister needs a history lesson."
It wouldn't help. He excelled at drama, which is in evidence every time he's in front of cameras and he must have gotten A+ in Fiction Writing, given the constant allegations made against his predecessor.

Anyway, part of Trudeau's mission seems to be to eradicate every trace of Conservative history from the country -- not only revoking legislation passed during PM Harper's tenure but also removing past Conservative politicians' place of honour across the country, with past grievances viewed through today's lenses. For example, renaming the Langevin Block as "the Office of the Prime Minister and Privy Council". I expect Sir John A Macdonald will eventually disappear not only from the $10 bill but also from other things/places named after him.

Trudeau boasts about the gender balance of his cabinet ... but it was a Conservative PM (Borden) who first gave women the vote and it was a Conservative PM (Diefenbaker) who appointed the first woman (Ellen Fairclough) to cabinet.

Similarly, Trudeau often poses with First Nations leaders, feeling their pain ... but it was again a Conservative PM (Diefenbaker) who first gave the indigenous the vote and it was a Conservative PM (Diefenbaker) who appointed the first Status Indian (James Gladstone aka Akay-na-muka) to the Canadian Senate. As well, it was a Conservative PM (Harper) who appointed the First Inuk (Leona Aglukkaq) to the federal cabinet.

THAT history is not part of Trudeau's version of Canada.

June 28, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterGabby in QC

Yes,PM Trudeau is ignoring his pre election promises,as we knew he would, but there has been a generational shift in the last 20 years and Trudeau is playing to an audience that knows no history or science and has been dumbed down to a point where celebrity is the most important item on a person's resume.

The CPC doesn't seem to understand THAT!

Stephen Harper left 14 Senate seats vacant.Those conservative Senators could have been a check on the abuse of power by the Liberals for years, but Harper sat on his hands so as not to give the appearance of impropriety and possibly to not enrage a media that already had a deep visceral hatred of him.

Barring a deep financial depression or a massive terrorist attack on Toronto, I don't see the CPC making any gains against the current government in 2019. Scheer is Liberal-lite on a lot of issues, the worst IMO being his stance on climate change.

If possible,Trudeau/Butts will erase every memory of Conservatism and Conservatives in our history,if he can,and he certainly can with the co-operation of all the educational institutions in Canada.

And it won't matter one whit to most voters,who will remember Trudeau's selfies and "man-of'the-people" schtick as he dashes about the Country playing Prime Minister.

The CPC had better be ready to fight the next election like it's 2019,not 1955,and Andrew Scheer had better get a damned good public speaking coach,maybe hire the guy who taught Obama. The voters want a celebrity who can rouse their emotions, not a grumpy accountant who tells them to be fiscally responsible.

First item in 2019,WIN! Then you can implement your agenda,even if it means fiscal responsibility. But in Opposition,it's all bluster.

June 30, 2017 | Unregistered Commenterdon morris

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