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1. It pays to be a Liberal

It certainly pays to be a Liberal and also a defeated Liberal candidate or best buds with Prime Minister Butts AKA the Principal Secretary to Justin Trudeau. Not only can PMO reward you with a cushy job, but you can get your foreign service salary topped up too. I wonder if a poverty test should be included in the application process. Butts and Trudeau will boost your pay well over what our other “professional” diplomats get for doing the same job, simply because they claim that you earned more in the private sector. You get a luxury posting, can hobnob with the rich and famous on the taxpayer’s dime, enjoy wine and cheese receptions and get bonus pay. It pays to be a Liberal. Of course we have to overlook the fact that a short time ago you were willing to run for election and take a huge salary cut to be an MP. This is a pretty good deal for everyone but the taxpayer- then again Liberals don’t think of it is our money it is theirs to spend as recklessly as they want- they are entitled to their entitlements!

2. Illegal Migrants

The latest issue at the Quebec border with a long line up of migrants trying to get into Canada is nothing new. For decades different groups have come at different times. The key thing to remember is that there is a huge difference between a genuine refugee and an economic migrant. One deserves our compassion and assistance the other can be returned to the safe third country from where they came. Supposedly the issue could have been averted by a simple amendment to our existing law. Obviously that hasn’t happened. Instead we are treated to earnest comments from the PM and his ministers and now an inter-departmental task force who is looking at the issue. If you have worked in government you know that an inter-departmental task force is a way to stall, give the PM a usable sound bite and allow some cover for the lack of action from ministers and departments. It is not there to solve anything, but it is there to give cover when the media presses them for answers. It is not about finding solutions.

With it being summer and having a life, I may have missed it, but if as the Conservatives insist this issue is an urgent situation, then why haven’t we seen them or the NDP for their own reasons, calling for an emergency meeting of the House Immigration committee. Rules allow for that to happen. If it is so urgent, then give up some of your summer vacation and come back to work.

Nor have I seen the Conservatives or the NDP asking that the House be brought back early to deal with this issue- so is it really that serious or are they just looking for summer sound bites.

For the Liberals it is not a positive issue. Seeing as it was the PM’s stupid tweet that started the influx of illegal migrants in the first place, it is impossible now for the PM to wander along the border welcoming people with a selfie. It is s tough life being the PM

Your thoughts?

Reader Comments (4)

Since you asked ... here's what I posted on another blog regarding the illegal migrants.
Some questions need to be asked AND answered. Truthfully.
The Haitian "asylum seekers" spent 7 years living safely in the US. Now they're apparently in mortal danger, that's why they're fleeing to Canada. A few questions need to be asked:
1. What mortal danger are the border crossers actually facing, that they need to rush to Canada’s borders? They lived in the US for 7 years in relative safety, since the 2010 Haiti earthquake. A clearer definition of what ‘refugee status’ really means is needed.

2. Also, what has happened to the millions upon billions of dollars donated for the purpose of reconstructing Haiti? Where has the money gone? How much of it has actually been spent in rebuilding Haiti? Maybe that’s why the migrants are so fearful of returning to their homeland. Given the choice of living in a peaceful prosperous country versus returning to a country still in shambles, what would most of us choose? However, that does not excuse wanting to jump the queue of legitimate refugees and/or immigrants.

3. Canada and the US, among other countries, have contributed a lot of money to rebuild Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake.
“1. Aid to Haiti after the January 12, 2010 earthquake
a. Summary of aid to Haiti from 2010-2012
According to data collected by the Office of the Special Envoy for Haiti, multilaterals and bilaterals have allocated $13.34 billion to relief and recovery efforts in Haiti for 2010-2020. Of this $13.34 billion, an estimated 48.2 percent ($6.43 billion) has been disbursed.
An additional $3.06 billion (estimated) was contributed to UN agencies and NGOs by private donors (foundations, companies, individuals).
The total funding disbursed by the bilaterals and multilaterals ($6.43 billion) and resources contributed to the NGO community ($3.06 billion) is $9.49 billion. This $9.49 billion in aid was three times the revenue of the Government of Haiti ($3.17 billion) between 2010 and 2012.
♫ Where has all that money gone? … Long time passing ♫

4. Apparently, some of that funding has been”repurposed”. A commenter at Jack’s Newswatch posted this link about 10 days ago:
Why isn't there better tracking of the funds Canada gives to various causes?
Maybe Ralph Goodale, who’s quite loquacious when interviewed, could elucidate.

As for "It pays to be a Liberal" ... anyone who read my comments during the Senate/Duffy affair knows that I dislike the idea of per diems and other allowances. Anyone working in/for the government should be well paid, but that's all. They should get a salary but no expense account, no travel/living allowance, no per diems etc. All those perks are simply temptations to live high on the hog at taxpayers' expense. I mean, if even someone as fiscally frugal as the former director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation Derek Fildebrandt can go astray …

August 23, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterGabby in QC

BTW ... about Liberal privilege. I used to receive emails from the Harper PMO about statements and upcoming events. Somehow I'm still on that list, so I receive similar notices from Trudeau's PMO. For at least the past 3 weeks the daily "itinerary" notices have mostly been "personal" and sometimes "private meetings" -- which I guess means vacation time.

Now, I don't begrudge the PM nor MPs their vacation time ... but I would like the media to mention that the current PM has been on vacation (in BC ?), making the occasional appearance now and then. The general population would surmise that this guy never takes a break because the media has not mentioned his many "personal" days. Why hasn't the media made that clear?

August 24, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterGabby in QC

I believe Akins did recently, agree others should too

August 24, 2017 | Unregistered Commenteratory01

Unfortunately I can no longer read & comment on David Akin's blog because commenters need a Facebook account, which I do not have. Mr. Akin is one of the exceptions in my book, i.e. a journalist who tries to be fair & factual. I did not always agree with what he wrote but I respected his work.

August 24, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterGabby in QC

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