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Good Deal? Bad Deal?

A new agreement between the USA, Mexico and Canada has been reached. To their credit the Liberals managed to get it done. There is no point for anyone to be declaring it a better deal or worse one than the previous agreement.

Frankly it is far to early for anyone (including the opposition parties) to say if it is a good deal or a bad deal. Time will tell and probably not until after the election in 2019.

No one gets a big win in a negotiation session whether it’s on trade or any other item.

All parties have to win a bit and feel that they have made gains in some areas. To achieve that the other side has to give up a little. That is simply the way negotiations work. Ch19 was a big win for Canada and we gave a bit on dairy (not too many Canadians will complain about that).

There are other issues outside of the agreement to be resolved, but, going forward there is some goodwill now on both sides. What happens with these issues will help to determine if this is a good deal or not.

I don’t think anyone was surprised to see the usual knee jerk reaction from the Conservatives with Scheer saying this is a bad deal. But, there is NAFTA fatigue out there; the constant attempts by the media to play up the negotiations into some type of crisis have exhausted the public’s interest in this issue.

For nonpartisans who don’t live inside the Queensway, people just want this issue to go away now. Besides it won’t help the Conservatives to continue to support dairy supply management.

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