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It is about time that the Trudeau Liberals acted on the Canada Post issue. With hints that they might intervene, they are still not committed to solving the issue.

The longer they wait the bigger the political problem will be for them.

Politically the Liberals are in a no-win situation.

It’s nice to say let the bargaining process continue, but anyone who knows the history of the relationship between Canada Post and the union knows that this is a pipe dream or maybe it’s a pot dream in Trudeau’s Canada.

If the union can’t get Canada Post to agree to its terms, government intervention allows them to blame the Liberals for not getting the workers what they promised.

Canada Post on the other hand can also blame the Liberals for intervening and potentially costing the corporation money that they might have saved from a long strike or a lock out. Those lost wages add up quickly.

There is no doubt letting this issue continue will also cost the economy. Too big a hit is not something the government wants moving into an election year.

There is also one other group that is getting more and more concerned as we get closer to Christmas- all the parents and grandparents sending packages out that they have paid for and expect to arrive on time for Christmas Day. This group will remember the disappointed looks on little children’s faces when there is nothing under the tree for them.

The Liberals can’t win on this one- it is better for them to bite the bullet now and get it behind them going into 2019.

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Their is one other them all and then hire back the ones that really want to work. Also make it a right to work business. NO UNION.....Steve O

November 21, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterSteve o

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