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Just A Thought Feb. 22/18

I know Trudeau is a drama teacher which helps to explain his love of costumes, but really? A bit overdone don’t you think; to the point that he is once again becoming an embarrassment to Canada? Can you think of any other world leader who wants to be taken seriously carrying on like that?

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I haven't given it too much thought until now, thought maybe my Blue partisanship was kicking in before so I kept quiet, but, this man really is Zoolander.
I cringed when Stockwell Day put on a wet suit and drove a seadoo to a press conference, it really showed me how totally unprepared he was to lead.
This kid Trudeau really thinks he's in a West Wing episode and everyone loves him.
Who is actually running this country anyways?

February 22, 2018 | Unregistered Commenterbillg

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