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Is This How Our Professional Nonpartisan Civil Service Acts?

Just A Thought Feb 24, 2018

When the Conservatives were in power, we used to complain about how uncooperative the bureaucrats could be at times. Now on occasion this was true- but over the years I have to say that career civil servants gave me excellent nonpartisan advice.  

However, the latest boondoggle where a very senior civil servant agreed to go out and try to provide cover for Trudeau’s and PMO’s stupidity for inviting a criminal to an official event in India is amazing.

There was no logical reason for this person to do this. The real question is why did he agree to do so? Was his career threatened if he didn’t do so? Was this a very dumb mistake on his part? Inquiring minds want to know.

Reader Comments (1)

I doubt very much he was threatened in any way,most of the civil service in the upper ranks are good Liberals,in the lower ranks,good NDP'ers.

The anonymous civil servant has just bought himself big time rewards for his good work in protecting the PMO. When he retires,he will probably be placed on the Board of a friendly industrial corporation,or be handed a well paying reward job as head of a BS commission of inquiry or some such charade.

High ranking CS's who cooperate with the government are always well rewarded,it's the way the system works.

February 25, 2018 | Unregistered Commenterdon morris

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