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Time to Dig Down And Work Harder

Just A Thought: It was fun to watch everyone get excited because Trudeau and the Liberals dropped in the polling numbers. While a week from hell for the Prime Minister might seem like a lifetime, it really is just a moment in time. Trudeau has plenty of time to recover and his government has plenty of time to replicate Wynne’s strategy of buying off every imaginable group of people with our own money.

Until a real trend emerges over the next several months, it is time for the Conservatives to dig in and work harder as the Liberals are sure to mount yet another charm offensive to bolster their numbers.

Let’s wait and see what next month’s numbers tell us.

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We need more special interest non profit groups like Canadian Taxpayers Federation to buy ads before and during the election to compete with the numerous ads and resources of union groups and Soros backed groups. Last election 95% of the non profit ads were from lefties.

March 7, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterNicola Timmerman

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