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A Gong Show

Apparently, disgraced candidate Karen Wang has rescinded her withdrawal from the byelection in BC and wants Trudeau to reconsider. What nonsense.

She screwed up and should pay the price. The Liberals acted as they should have done, and she was turffed as soon as her article became public.

No one should be fooled into thinking it was Justin that got upset and wanted her out- it was his campaign team, who simply can’t let a candidate get away with promoting racism in the vote. Pitting one group against another can never be acceptable in any political party.

The fact that Wang has decided she deserves a second chance shows exactly why she should not be a candidate.

The deeper issue though is that her request to stay on reflects a lack of respect for the party leader and his decision- in this case Justin Trudeau. One doesn’t make such a request unless one thinks Trudeau may reverse himself. Clearly Trudeau is seen by some in her camp and by the ex-candidate as weak enough to give serious consideration to her request.

I expect Butts and company will move swiftly to shut this story down- especially as it is a bad news story when they need a good news one out of their meetings in Sherbrooke.

Let’s see how quickly they act.

Reader Comments (3)

I fail to see what exactly Ms. Wang did to classify her as "racist".

Here in my province, the Anglo community constantly points out the government -- be it led by the provincial Liberals or another party -- has very little room for Anglo representatives, i.e. one of their own. (Disclosure: I'm of neither Anglo nor Franco origin)

Likewise, the Black community is often heard to complain that more of their own should represent them in institutions like the police, which reportedly tends to single them out for unjust cause -- like stopping motorists for "driving while Black".

Before he became PM, Trudeau openly said that Canada was better served by having Quebecers at the helm rather than Albertans, i.e. preferring his own over others.

What about the efforts being made by various institutions -- be it the military, the police, political parties, and others -- to recruit various ethnic groups as well as women? Are those efforts racist as well? Read Wiki's entry for Canada's Defence Minister; it states "He is Canada's first Sikh Minister of Defence" Is it racist to point that out?

Multiculturalism has allowed the various ethnic groups that comprise Canada to hold on to their identity, being designated as hyphenated-Canadians. Ms. Wang used her hyphenated-Canadian identity to try to persuade voters to choose her instead of her opponent. Politicians do that all the time, saying to prospective voters that they're one of us, that they "feel our pain", that they "share our values", blah blah blah.

Hardly "racist" in my view -- but I will probably be labelled as one for holding that POV. Ms. Wang erred in saying out loud & directly what most other politicians imply. And no, I'm not of Chinese origin either.

January 17, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterGabby in QC

I think Trudeau would be quite happy to lose this by-election as Singh is such a weak leader, an NDP win here would keep him on as leader meaning weaker splits on the left. Whenever the NDP gets under 15%, the Liberals almost always win. If they get over 20%, the Tories almost always win and with Singh they are far more likely to get below 15% than over 20%. If Singh loses, an NDP race will happen creating a certain level of excitement and if say either Cullen, Angus, or Caron were to win, Trudeau might face a tougher challenge. Heck some have even suggested Rachel Notley if she loses provincially should run since despite her unpopularity in Alberta she could appeal to many centrists or left of centre types elsewhere.

As for Wang's statements, totally inappropriate and thus I support her being removed nonetheless this gong show will likely dramatically reduce the odds of the Liberals picking this up, which before this, they had a good shot at.

January 18, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterMiles Lunn

I don't always agree with Andrew Coyne but ...
“Andrew Coyne: Ex-Liberal candidate’s only crime was engaging in ethnic politics — out loud
The Liberals had no alternative but to pretend to be appalled, just as the other parties had no alternative but to pretend to be outraged”

January 20, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterGabby in QC

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