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Some Questions To Think About Part 2

In this set of questions (continued from my earlier blog) Dennis Matthews really gets to the heart of some of the issues the Conservative Party faced in the last election. Altogether Dennis posted 12 questions on Twitter. Read the questions and then think about how well we did on these topics.

5. Voters have never been more disconnected from politics. Traditional ways to showcase new political leaders (basic ads, media) don’t work as well. Need to find meaningful ways to build an emotional connection with voters or an undefined leader will get ground up by a campaign.
6. Authenticity is the North Star. Are we using talking points or delivering messages? Do we say carefully constructed lines or convey straight talk?
7. What about climate change? Activist and donor class most skeptical of the issue. Swing voters bombarded with talk of it being a crisis. If we truly believe a carbon tax isn’t the only way to fight it, why do we come across as though we also don’t care?
8. Social issues always trip us up. If leader holds socially conservative views, they need to do three things: speak authenticity and from heart, be clear on what they will and won’t do, and be convincing. What else is required?
8a. BTW, why do we get all the blame for being bigots yet none of the credit for running governments that demonstrably did not re-open divisive social issues and have avoided the xenophobia that plagues conservative parties in Europe and elsewhere? Are we telling our story well?

I love these particular questions, if we had these answers figured out would our campaign been different?

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