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Charge Ahead Blindly or Change?

As Scheer and his team circle the wagons after the latest election loss, he and his team are under attack from a variety of sources.

While much of this has been in the open, anyone who has been on a losing election team knows even more criticism is coming from inside the party.

A complete review is definitely required.

They can start with the Leader’s performance, especially when under attack on key social policy issues. Who screwed up- was it the Leader who was too uncomfortable answers these questions or was it the team around him who didn’t prep him properly for attacks that everyone knew would come?

Why didn’t Scheer’s opposition research team know the answers to the expected attacks, especially on social issues? Did his research team actually look at Scheer’s life, speeches, comments and know what to expect? If they did, they should have had answers ready and the leader prepped for the attacks and media scrutiny.

As it was Scheer and his team stumbled several times and got knocked off message.

Even if all of that was done, Conservative policies simply aren’t attractive enough for the vast majority of urban residents. If Conservative policies can work in the cities in other countries, what is wrong here? There is a point where constantly playing to your base is counterproductive. Where was Conservative outreach to different cultural communities? Was anyone in charge of this part of the campaign?

If the party wants to grow its seat numbers in the next election which could come quite quickly, they need to be analyzing their policies and adapting them now while this election is still fresh in their mind. Starting with a look at the environment, climate change and social justice issues is a good place to start.

Heads will roll, the only question will be is it Scheer’s, his staff or both?

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