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Change Is Needed

If you believe that Scheer and his present team can figure out before the leadership vote in April, how to win in Quebec and Ontario, or how to beat Trudeau, then I have some swampland for you to buy in Florida.

Andrew Scheer is one of the nicest guys in politics and that is part of the problem. He is not comfortable in the attack role which the Conservatives repeatedly tried to get him to do in the last campaign. His natural role is to be less confrontational and more of a conciliator- similar to his former role as a Speaker in the House of Commons.

When in an attack role he is uncomfortable and that comes through on camera and in media interviews. If Scheer looks uncomfortable, he comes across as untrustworthy.

The question becomes why did his team in the war room or his most senior advisors, not recognize this?

Harper in his opposition role, always wanted to look Prime Ministerial in the House of Commons, his questions reflected that image. We had MPS assigned to the role of attack dog. It was their job, not Harper’s, to go after Paul Martin and Liberal ministers. Jason Kenney, Peter Mackay and others fulfilled that role.

Other questions arise as well. Why didn’t his team do their homework on their own leader’s           background etc. The issue of his former work experience blew up into a major issue, when it shouldn’t have been one.

How could they miss his dual citizenship, when the Conservatives had so successfully dumped on other party leaders for the same reason?

When Scheer speaks to the media it looks like he has some talk points memorized and he is reciting them. They have to let him express his concerns and the points he needs to get across in his own language and in his own way. The same holds true for same sex marriage and a woman’s right to choose, he looks so uncomfortable that no one believes him. Everyone knew those questions were coming (it is a standard Liberal attack in every campaign), yet they acted totally unprepared for them.

Andrew is a very smart guy. I am sure that Scheer has a vision of a better Canada for his children 5 years, 10 years and 20 years from now. Why didn’t he express that vision in his own words during the campaign and show how a Conservative government under his leadership would make that happen?

Scheer needs some advisors who aren’t afraid to speak truth to power around him and he also needs to be his own man- letting his staff continue to put him into a role that he is in uncomfortable with, all but insures that he won’t beat Trudeau next time around and puts his survival in the April leadership review at risk.

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