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Seriously- A Conservative Petition Supporting a Liberal MP?

As Preposterous as it sounds, we have a Conservative Party petition supporting a former Liberal cabinet minister who is still a sitting Liberal MP.

The covering note also suggests that the former Attorney-General speaks the truth- at least according to the Conservatives.

“Canadians need to hear from Jody Wilson-Raybould. Justin Trudeau must waive solicitor-client privilege so she can speak the truth.”

While I happen to be one of those who believe her, isn’t it a little early to have decided politically that only her side of the story is the truth? Aren’t there already demands for a public inquiry? Isn’t this petition stepping on that strategy? Who has a better chance of getting to the truth- a Justice Committee with a majority of Liberal MPs or a public inquiry with witnesses under oath?

How did the Conservatives come up with this petition idea? Seriously, who thought up and who approved of this petition?

Can you imagine Mulroney, Clark or Harper asking their team to put together a petition to support a sitting Liberal MP and former minister?

Outside of a short-term immediate media hit what did the Conservatives get out of this idea? 

Everyone in the media and in the Liberal Party know that the vast majority of those signing it are Conservative supporters hoping to embarrass Trudeau, especially as we all got an email asking us to go sign. So politically it is not that exciting, nor will it have any impact on Trudeau or the PMO.

It looks like it is part of a short-term strategy (which the Conservatives seem to have a habit of doing) to get another hit on the PM at almost any cost. Other examples include the very premature demand that Trudeau resign over SNC-Lavalin when we don’t know all the details.

Who in the OLO is looking at the potential long-range implications of the Conservative Party (Wilson-Raybould’s political opponents) declaring Wilson-Raybould speaks the truth?

Outside of the fact that we haven’t heard the whole story yet, stop and think long term too.

Try the “What If Game”.

What if Trudeau is defeated in October.

What if Trudeau actually does resign in the near future over this scandal?

What if the Liberals then hold a leadership convention and Jody Wilson-Raybould enters and wins and becomes the next Liberal PM?

The Conservative Party is on the record as saying that she can be counted on to speak the truth.

Now won’t that make for an interesting Question Period.



Reader Comments (1)

It seems Conrad Black agrees with your misgivings about praising Ms. JW-R too much.
"Conrad Black: SNC-Lavalin is a sideshow to the real Wilson-Raybould issue
Throughout her tenure as justice minister and AG, she tied the government’s hands in responding to suits from Aboriginal organizations
March 15, 2019 8:25 PM EDT"

There's also an intriguing article a commenter at another blog I visit regularly (but where I no longer comment, because some of the commenters are too extreme in their POV for my taste).
"‘Political grandmaster’ Frank Iacobucci is at the center of SNC Lavalin, Kinder Morgan scandals
March 11, 2019"

I don't know how reliable "The Buffalo Chronicle" is. When I googled it, among the links suggested was one about "The Buffalo Chronicle fake news" -- so maybe it should not be taken seriously.

However, as National Newswatch points out:
(The Globe & Mail article is behind a pay wall, so I haven't read the full article)
"Trudeau, PMO staff hired outside lawyers in case RCMP probes SNC-Lavalin affair
Mar 15 2019 — Globe and Mail
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and senior officials in his office have retained outside legal counsel in case of an RCMP investigation into allegations of political interference in the criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin Group."
Hmm -- lawyering up? I wonder what that means.

March 16, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterGabby in QC

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