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As the Liberals are once again plunged into damage control mode, I thought it would be fun to look back at previous comments.

February 28th

Can the Liberals leave an obviously upset MP, who has been widely quoted (with very damaging content) in caucus where she might inspire others to speak out as well? Probably not and a first step would be to remove her from caucus.

Remains an issue that Trudeau tries to sidestep each day compounded by the resignation of his second senior minister. He essentially waited too long to act. One ex-minister he could kick out of caucus, two he might have to live with them in caucus.

The clamor for the former AG to be allowed to speak fully and with no restrictions will build. Denying her that right makes the Liberals and the PM look guilty. That will play out over many weeks. The same is true with demands for a full public inquiry.

No change here and the situation worsens for the Liberals every day. The demand for a full public inquiry strengthens with each passing day and as more information comes out about the actions of PMO in the SNC-Lavalin case.

The committee will be demanding to see many more witnesses implicated in her testimony. A smart opposition can drag those requests out for weeks, even months- just look back at Shawinagate and the Sponsorship Scandal.

The Clerk has been recalled for further questioning and so he should be with many thinking he has compromised his position.

The other shoe that is still to drop is the Norman trial.

With many of the same government characters involved in this case, watch for it to get much more interesting this month.

[The Liberals] Run on climate change.

They can try to attract enough Green and NDP supporters to support a Liberal “Green Climate” push

A climate rally last night led by Trudeau and the first pre-election attack ads on climate change started yesterday. Pretty obvious where they are going on this one.

February 7, 2019

As for the two main stream federal parties, they need to wake up and smell the coffee too. Voters are tired of the same old policies and lack of vision. They are tired of the daily antics they see from both sides. They are tired of the name calling and mudslinging.

No change there in how the parties act and behave. However, there are quite a few voters who are disillusioned with both of the main parties. Do these people sit out the next election and not vote or do they cast a protest vote? That has happened recently in Quebec and previously in Ontario (how many remember waking up to a Bob Rae government?).

The Greens are polling at an all time high. 9.1% according to a recent Nanos poll. Where do disillusioned voters go? Not to the NDP that is pretty obvious. The Greens have an opportunity to be spoilers in October attracting NDP and Liberal voters. They still have the same problem though- voters see them as a one issue party and most voters have no idea what else the Greens offer. If a minority Liberal government is elected in October, the Greens can keep Trudeau in power.

January 1st, 2016

It takes time for a leader to fall from grace, play the long game.

An so it is playing out in front of us every day

December 29, 2015

Confusion, inept issue management and arrogance are not the way this was supposed to play out for the Liberals. Remember Trudeau is all about “sunny ways”. But even sunny ways have storm clouds on the horizon. This will be a fun year to follow politics.

While written way back in 2015, nothing can be more accurate about 2019

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