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It Was Inevitable

Certainly no one can be surprised that Trudeau expelled Wilson-Raybould and Philpott from the Liberal caucus. It not only was a long time coming, it was long overdue.

For the Liberal Party to move forward into election gear they had to put this behind them and in particular the actions of Wilson-Raybould were damaging the brand of the PM and the Party.

We can argue all day long as to who was right or wrong or who said what to who; but in the end they had to go. The two ex-ministers conducted a well-executed PR game that kept this story front and center for almost two months and the public focused on the infighting as opposed to Liberal policy initiatives. For example, does anyone remember what was in the budget?

The PM was right when he said that as a member of caucus you have certain obligations. It certainly is not your “right” to sit in caucus, especially a government caucus. When you openly attack the PM on almost a daily basis, don’t expect the PM to place nice either.

For the opposition parties who have had fun with this issue, it’s time to get back to realty as well. Back to election prep, back to attacking Liberal policies and back to trying to convince voters (at least for the Conservatives) that they are a government in waiting. Just how long do the Conservatives think Harper or Mulroney would have left two MPs sit in caucus while they sniped almost daily at their Leader.

When you cut through all of the opposition BS around this issue, The Liberals did what any political party going into an election would do; it was inevitable. The only surprise is that it took so long for the PM to act.

Reader Comments (4)

You are right that these expulsions were inevitable, but what comes next? Business as usual? Back to normal? Budgets that balance themselves? Most MPs get kicked out of caucus for reasons other than telling truth to power or standing up for the rule of law. JWR is also writing her own political playbook. She is not going away and now has total freedom. The back row in the House has suddenly become the most interesting place in Parliament to watch.

April 3, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterMax

Since Blogging Tories' demise, it's not as easy finding your posts.

I don't recall any Conservative MP being kicked out of the Harper caucus. Senators, yes ... and IMO in some cases, unfairly but expeditiously.

Regardless ... I disagree with your statement "When you cut through all of the opposition BS around this issue ..."
Where's the BS? Is it not the fundamental issue that the PMO, including that self-styled champion of moral probity, of the rule of law, of transparency, as well as embracer of diversity in all its forms, tried and is still willing to overturn a decision taken by the director of public prosecutors?

Yes, I agree, politicians of all stripes usually are windbags, talking up a storm without saying much of substance. However, in this case, the outrage is justified and the Liberals should rightfully be punished for it at election time. Whether they will be is another question.

On a side note ... should Justin Trudeau decide at a later date to resign in order "to spend more time with family" Denis Coderre may be readying a return to politics, even engaging in a boxing match, like Trudeau.

April 5, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterGabby in QC

Garth Turner was one that comes to mind under Harper

April 5, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterAtory01

Thanks for the info. re: Garth Turner.

April 6, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterGabby in QC

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