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War Over The Canada Food Guide

The Canada Food Guide is a strange hill for Scheer to plant his flag on going into the next election.

Really what is the point? Until this latest squabble between the Liberals and the Conservatives erupted did you even know there was such a thing as “A Canada Food Guide”?

If you did know it existed, did you care? Could you tell us the details of what was in the old versus the new guide?

Did you ever look it up?

Did you follow it?  

Besides pandering to certain lobby groups to get votes, especially those elusive Quebec ones – I ask again what was the point?

It will take a lot more than backing the dairy cartel to win votes in Quebec-starting with some progressive policies for starters.

With all of the available options and sources of information available to the modern consumer making a fighting issue of the Canada Food guide was just plain dumb.

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