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Where Do We Go from Here?

Canadians should be worried when a Prime Minister thinks he is above the law. In this case Trudeau has once again been nailed for ethics violations. His defense was that he was trying to save jobs. With Trudeau we can always be guaranteed some excuse and while they vary, they are his thinly disguised contempt for being expected to comply and obey- in this latest case the ethics code. He is now the only Canadian Prime Minister to have broken the ethics code, not once, but twice.

The latest Ethics Commissioner report is scathing. Let us not forget that Trudeau even blocked the commissioner from seeing some documents-why? What do these paper reveal? That now becomes the issue.

Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, has called for a public inquiry and while that sounds nice in media clips, she should know that it is more smoke and mirrors. If Trudeau wins another majority, he will never call an inquiry into himself. If he wins a minority- he will be propped up most likely by the Green Party as the NDP is fading fast as a viable alternative.

If May sees this issue as so important that a public inquiry is necessary- let her state before the election starts that she will not support a Liberal minority government unless a full public inquiry is called within one month of the election being decided.

Now that would be a fresh breath of air in Canadian politics!

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