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Is History Repeating itself?

Back on January 1, 2016, I wrote a blog, part of which said to Conservatives to get over Justin Trudeau and the fact that he beat them. I mentioned that it takes time for a government to fall from grace.

Back then, who can forget all those media stories about how Trudeau would be unbeatable for the next eight years. Do you remember the stories around those who would replace Harper and why the big names might not run; as spending almost a decade in opposition was a long time? At that time, we did see some of the potential big-name candidates decide not to enter the Conservative leadership race.

I also reminded readers of the potential for the Liberals to become arrogant. We are seeing history repeat itself.

Whether you liked or disliked Pierre Trudeau when he was Prime Minister, Justin’s father had a pretty good run for a while, until he became so arrogant that he gave voters the now infamous “Salmon Arm Salute”.  The present Trudeau has gone from “sunny ways” to lecturing Canadians on what is good for them and his ministers are even worse. When a leader or a minister assumes they are always right and repeatedly ignores questions and stops listening to the people who elected them, a government is in trouble.  

Justin Trudeau is not in the same league as some of our recent Prime Ministers such as Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien or Stephen Harper. He is pretty much a light weight when compared to them, but he did win by promoting the policies and hopes that Canadians voters wanted to hear. It is now up to the Scheer Conservatives to listen to all Canadians; not just to the base and see if they can take advantage of Justin’s mistakes and arrogance.

When Donald Trump has a higher approval rating than Justin Trudeau; its an opportunity that is to good to miss.



Just A Thought: Sit Back And Enjoy The Ride

Just A Thought: So the brouhaha over Doug Ford winning the leadership has started to die down. All that shock and horror and plenty of ink, but it won’t make a bit of difference. Right now voters are fed up with the Wynne government. We have watched her use our money to buy votes with just about every special interest group out there. Once the demand and desire to change af government starts rolling it is very hard for a government to reverse it.

Ford has a responsibility to make sure that he wins. First always dress, act and speak like a premier-in-waiting. That includes leaving the attacks and mudslinging to others. He has to make sure that he has a top notch issues management team to take care of the inevitable attacks that will be coming in and of course develop a thick skin.

There is nothing worse than a wounded and cornered Liberal trying to hang on to power. Ford has his work cut out for him, but I have a feeling he will be up for it. People tend to underestimate him, but he was smart enough to hire a top notch leadership campaign team and his organization was nothing to laugh at and they beat some pretty competent teams. Sit back and enjoy the ride- this is going to be a fascinating few months until the next provincial election.


Time to Dig Down And Work Harder

Just A Thought: It was fun to watch everyone get excited because Trudeau and the Liberals dropped in the polling numbers. While a week from hell for the Prime Minister might seem like a lifetime, it really is just a moment in time. Trudeau has plenty of time to recover and his government has plenty of time to replicate Wynne’s strategy of buying off every imaginable group of people with our own money.

Until a real trend emerges over the next several months, it is time for the Conservatives to dig in and work harder as the Liberals are sure to mount yet another charm offensive to bolster their numbers.

Let’s wait and see what next month’s numbers tell us.


Slow down, Regroup, Reassess

Just A Thought: I have known Patrick Brown a long time, all the way back to PC Party days. My best advice to him right now is to slow down, reassess and regroup. You can’t do everything at once such as-

·        Clear your name

·        Re-arrange your finances

·        Assess your career opportunities

·        Analyze what happened and why etc

·        Sue CTV

·        Run for the Leadership

·        Build a new leadership team etc

·        Run for your seat

Time to focus on one priority that matters most to you now and in the future.


Is This How Our Professional Nonpartisan Civil Service Acts?

Just A Thought Feb 24, 2018

When the Conservatives were in power, we used to complain about how uncooperative the bureaucrats could be at times. Now on occasion this was true- but over the years I have to say that career civil servants gave me excellent nonpartisan advice.  

However, the latest boondoggle where a very senior civil servant agreed to go out and try to provide cover for Trudeau’s and PMO’s stupidity for inviting a criminal to an official event in India is amazing.

There was no logical reason for this person to do this. The real question is why did he agree to do so? Was his career threatened if he didn’t do so? Was this a very dumb mistake on his part? Inquiring minds want to know.