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Slow down, Regroup, Reassess

Just A Thought: I have known Patrick Brown a long time, all the way back to PC Party days. My best advice to him right now is to slow down, reassess and regroup. You can’t do everything at once such as-

·        Clear your name

·        Re-arrange your finances

·        Assess your career opportunities

·        Analyze what happened and why etc

·        Sue CTV

·        Run for the Leadership

·        Build a new leadership team etc

·        Run for your seat

Time to focus on one priority that matters most to you now and in the future.


Is This How Our Professional Nonpartisan Civil Service Acts?

Just A Thought Feb 24, 2018

When the Conservatives were in power, we used to complain about how uncooperative the bureaucrats could be at times. Now on occasion this was true- but over the years I have to say that career civil servants gave me excellent nonpartisan advice.  

However, the latest boondoggle where a very senior civil servant agreed to go out and try to provide cover for Trudeau’s and PMO’s stupidity for inviting a criminal to an official event in India is amazing.

There was no logical reason for this person to do this. The real question is why did he agree to do so? Was his career threatened if he didn’t do so? Was this a very dumb mistake on his part? Inquiring minds want to know.


Just Admit That You Screwed Up

Just a thought:

Just A Thought: 

I think pretty much everyone is astonished that the Trudeau gang invited a man convicted of attempted murder to an official dinner with the Prime Minister. However, once they got caught doing this the PM inner circle blamed the MP who asked for this person to attend and literally threw him under the bus- trotting him out to take the blame and full responsibility for the mess.

It follows a pattern of never admitting they make a mistake. What happened to staff doing the job they are paid to do- which is help and assist the PM and keep him out of trouble. That includes vetting people he will be meeting with and a simple google search would have turned up Atwal’s background.

Plus if his advisors had some common sense they could have told him to knock off the costumes and act like a Prime Minister of a modern country visiting another modern country. Could no one in PMO see this going off the rails and prevent it from happening?


Just A Thought Feb. 22/18

I know Trudeau is a drama teacher which helps to explain his love of costumes, but really? A bit overdone don’t you think; to the point that he is once again becoming an embarrassment to Canada? Can you think of any other world leader who wants to be taken seriously carrying on like that?


Just A Thought

For all of those folks whining and complaining about Trudeau's family vacation disguised as a formal visit to India- would you rather him be out of touch, wandering around tourist sites or back home running the country. Stop and think before you answer that one.

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