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Finally a break week from the House and the routinely poor quality questions from the Opposition.

One thing that stands out in politics is the egos of the respective MPS and ministers. To be fair in many cases MPs and many ministers recognize their limits and keep their egos under control. But with a few its a different story. Once elevated to these lofty heights it takes a strong person to keep their ego in check and this applies to all parties.

For the past week or so we have seen one minister under attack for temper tantrums, fake letter writing campaigns etc. We can all agree or disagree with the Opposition attacks, but in the end it comes down to what is best for the Party? Do you puff up your self importance and hang tough? Or, do you realize that you are hurting not only your own re-election chances, but the Party's chance for a majority? 

Tough questions. Tough decision. Is the ego under control or out of control? Only one person knows for sure, but the whole country is watching and waiting to find out.





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