Know When To Put A Leash On It

There is a point with every political attack on an opponent when you have to put a leash on it and move on to another issue. Staying on an issue too long gives your opponent time to get organized and counter attack, thereby limiting your impact. Both the Khadr and Rolling Stone issues are good examples of this.

In the Khadr case the Conservatives did exceptionally well when they went on the attack against Trudeau’s decision to pay off a terrorist. The public outcry which they helped stoke made their point that it was a bad deal and taxpayers got hosed again by a Prime Minister who is soft on terrorists and who shows no concern for our hard earned tax dollars.

However, smelling a winning issue the Conservatives kept at it too long. Sending an MP to the United States to keep the issue going and in turn criticizing the Prime Minister while down there gave their opponents in PMO the opening they needed to push back. One can argue about how effective that pushback has been, but dragging the issue out for too long has allowed the Liberals to muddy the waters just enough that recent polls show the Khadr affair having little impact on the Liberals popularity. It will make a great attack ad for the Conservatives in 2019, remind Canadians then, right now they need to put a leash on it.

I would also add it is essential to check on your own party’s position on the very issue you are about to unleash. It is a dumb idea to attack a Canadian Prime Minister when you are in the United States if your own party had previously attacked their opponents for doing the same thing. It allows your opponents to completely muddy the water and switch the issue to one that they can capitalize on. In other words don't shoot yourself in your own foot. If you don’t know your own party’s record on an issue, you can bet your opponents political research staff do.

The Rolling Stone cover issue is another example. When the story came out, get in your attack and get out before your opponent recovers and pushes back. This type of fluff piece always offers an opportunity for some type of attack, both serious ones and humorous ones. Link it to almost anything you want (it is summer and not a lot of people are paying attention anyways) get your hit and get out. Staying on an issue such as this one for too long leads to absurd attacks such as the one that Trudeau gracing a magazine cover will somehow hurt Canada’s position in the NAFTA negotiations. That line of attack smacks of too much coffee in the OLO or staff drinking too much of thier own political Kool-Aid.

 Issues evolve every day, new ones come up and a good attack team can capitalize on them by constantly pivoting to a new issue just as your opponent figures out their counter attack. That is how the game is played. The Conservatives need to figure out when to put a leash on it and move on.


Interview on CTV National News on Khadr

A short clip from my interview on CTV National News on July 7th.

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More of the Same From Justin

I see the Prime Minister’s end of session press conference was the exact opposite of what he promised when running for election.

Remember his promise about doing things differently? Remember openness and accountability?

A lot of BS was thrown around at that press conference from his inability to put a timeline on paying down the deficit that he has racked up, to a continuation of the lie about the Conservatives leaving him a deficit.

Somehow Justin sees the Conservative senators as obstructive and the reason various bills were delayed. Hello Justin! That was a long standing policy when the Liberals were the majority in the Senate and Conservatives had a majority government. At that time the Liberals claimed they were just doing their job and that it was the role of the Senate to review bills, make amendments etc.

It was so bad that in the Mulroney years, the Prime Minister had to appoint additional senators in 1990 to get legislation through. They became known as the GST senators. Perhaps the Prime Minister needs a history lesson.

Let us not forget his absolute failure to bring in electoral reform. The PM claims that was a difficult decision- hogwash. The only thing difficult about it was the fact that PMO couldn’t get their way and have their vision of electoral reform adopted. Sorry Justin, but you can’t win them all.

Have no fear though while the Prime Minister’s popularity has taken a hit over the last year we can expect to see plenty of new socks and selfies over the next few months and unfortunately the media will be only too happy to write about it.


Enough About Trudeau's Socks!

Enough of the PM’s socks! Who cares what he wears. Media types moan the collapse of print media and wonder about where the journalism profession is going and they feed us crap about the colour or design of Trudeau’s socks.


Why was that something that Canadians needed to know about?

How about his inability to say no to foreign groups wanting Canadian dollars? What about taking care of some of our poor, our seniors, our homeless?

It was the summer solstice, how about an in-depth discussion about his government’s failure to deliver on its promises to our First Nations?

How about a discussion on the huge debt that he has racked up in less than two years in office? This is a debt so huge that my grandchildren and great grandchildren will have to pay it off.

But no, somehow we needed to be told about the colour of his socks. Another story and red herring as unimportant as the phony one about him photo bombing a group of prom students.

As long as the media get distracted by Liberal attempts to divert them from the real issues, we will get more photos and articles about his socks. I am not sure what is worse, the one wearing them or the media types who insist about writing about his socks.


Twenty Years of Stable Military Funding

My answer to the latest Liberal bafflegab  that they have laid the groundwork to increase our forces, improve equipment and stabilize funding for the next twenty years-is this won’t happen in my lifetime.

Other than the staff in PMO; who believes these numbers? Actually I doubt any of them do either. It is a pretty sorry attempt to convince the public and certainly Donald Trump that we are doing our part.

To believe that this will ever happen you have to believe that Justin and the Liberals will be in power and remain undefeated for the next 20 years. If you believe that you are either incredibly arrogant or living in a fool’s paradise.

You also have to believe that the world won’t change and that  there won’t be other major world issues that occur that would require a shift of that funding to other departments in need.

At the rate that the Liberals are racking up the country’s debt, who really believes that they will be able to afford all of the back ended funding for the military, most of which conveniently occurs after the next federal election. This is nothing more than a cynical attempt to make their pre-election debt numbers look like they are manageable.

The next election will feature lots of new spending commitments across a lot of departments- do we expect this military spending increase to survive the Liberals and their promises, as they try to line up votes just prior to the next election. Wynne in Ontario has shown us just how cynical and free with taxpayer’s money the Liberals can be when getting desperate for votes.

Last but not least, who out there believes that the Liberals will keep this promise? Just look at what happened to one of their scared election planks on democratic reform- nope, this spending plan is dead in the water.